Welcome to the Liberal Arts Program Blog

My name is John Christie.  I’m an English Professor here at Capital Community College and as coordinator of the Liberal Arts Degree Program, I invite you to contact me with your questions.  Some of the things you might be thinking about are:  Is a degree in General Studies good enough for me? If I want to transfer to Uconn or CCSU or any other four-year college, which degree works better?  What are the differences between the two degrees anyway?  How soon do I need to make a choice?  What is the Liberal Arts Capstone Course and do I need it to graduate? What’s the story with these various versions of the degree: traditional, Ethnic Studies, Mathematics and Natural Sciences?

There are many things to talk about, and if I don’t have the answers, I will put you in touch with someone who knows.   The important thing is to make good decisions about your academic future beyond Capital Community College.  You can post here or email me at jchristie@ccc.commnet. edu


About jschristie

Liberal Arts Degree Program Coordinator English Professor of Composition, Literature, and Latino Literature
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One Response to Welcome to the Liberal Arts Program Blog

  1. It’s good to have a “liberal” blog at Capital focusing on the liberal arts

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